3 easy ways you can keep your employees healthy to help increase employee engagement

We are know there are rather large costs associated with healthcare of employees. 36% of employees have called into work sick when feeling well. The majority simply needed to catch up on sleep. Clearly employees don’t understand the cost of calling out and how it affects the rest of the workplace. So, here are a few ways you can reduce the amount of employee sick days.


  1. Support Regular Fitness

A total of 137 million working days are lost to sickness.

We all know that there is a good relationship between physical activity and its positive effects on individual’s well-being. There are reports that regular fitness helps control weight and can dramatically decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, along with other health problems such as Diabetes and generally boosting mental health. We know you cannot force employees to participate in physical activity, you can support and encourage them by organising after work group runs or if you have the luxury of offering discount to the local gym, employees will be more encouraged to go. As a business, ensuring that your employees are healthy doesn’t just benefit them but also helps you save money and see a huge decrease in employee sick days.


2.Offer healthier food/drink options

Inadequate nourishment can cut productivity by up to 20 per cent

Providing healthy food and drink options in the workplace is a HUGE step towards reducing the amount of sick days your employees take and the wellness of your employees. Start by making the vending machines stock healthier options and create a communal fruit bowl. Also, by providing a fridge for employees to store food/meals encourages them to bring their own and stop buying from convenient fast food places such as McDonalds. The more you make healthy eating an option, the less likely it is that your employees will engage in poor eating habits.

3.  Make healthy living a game

    50% of people in the work place benefit from competition

Everyone has a competitive streak somewhere. So, set up a competition to see who in the office can break an unhealthy habit for the longest! OR suggest that everyone has to take part in 30 minutes of exercise per day, creating a tally or a score board in the workplace. This can also help people to complete personal targets and adopt a healthy lifestyle seeing it as a game rather than a chore. Creating an award system for the person who achieves the most will motivate a lot of people to join in. You may be surprised by the results.


Don’t forget, simply being outside or taking part in some form of exercise is known to reduce stress, improve our mood and increase cognitive performance, making your employees more alert, efficient and productive. Highly engaged businesses see a 20% increase in sales, so make sure you’re employees are wide awake and full of endorphins.

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