4 ways Time and Attendance Biometric Systems can save your business money

      1. Recording Hours

Paper based time cards and swipe card systems are SO old fashioned. Are we right? They leave too much room for mistakes and can lead to dishonesty in employees about what time they ACTUALLY clocked in and out. How about a simple tap of a finger allowing you as a business to collect the time and attendance information of your employees? Recording of employee’s hours can be very time consuming for one individual when they should be concentrating on their ‘REAL’ job.

Biometric Time Systems track the arrivals, departures, breaks and much more, just with a press of each employee’s finger. This takes away those inconvenient waiting times for employees to clock in or out.

2.   Calculating hours

With the Biometric time system the accuracy is much more reliable than any human resource, which scraps any errors that could cost the company time and money


3 .  Wasted resources

As we all know, paper time cards are already a strain on the environment, however they are also a strain on your employees for the annoyance of having to reorder or restock. Also the time taken to calculate the hours is costly and leads to a higher chance of human error, as well as being a waste of your employee’s time and energy as they become bogged down with jobs that aren’t priorities to them.

4.    Legal issues

Penalties for errors made in employee taxes are now in place and can cause issues from your end to the tax office, so ensuring hours recorded are correct are a big issue. By switching to an automated Biometric Time system, small to large businesses decrease the risk of error or disputes with workers.


Adding to these benefits of time and attendance systems, employee satisfaction will additionally be increased as there is less chances of human error, as there is more reliability and organisation in the system.

For more benefits about time and attendance systems or more specifically benefits of the Biopanel, check out our Benefits page on our website.

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