How to effectively communicate with your workforce through the Biopanel- Anywhere, Anytime and Any device.

Struggling to communicate with your workforce on a daily basis?
Every manager at some point will find themselves unable to physically communicate with employees due to reasons beyond our control such as meetings across the country or globally, holidays, office transfers etc. However, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could remotely communicate with employees from any given location, time zone or device? Well the good news is, Biopanel is one step ahead.

As well as Biopanels core function of providing a time and attendance solution for many businesses, it also has a built-in technology to provide you the ability to create and set messages to be displayed to your workforce, everytime they clock-in or out of the Biopanel. In 2018, at least 70% of people work remotely at least once a week, therefore, this utilises the time an employee spends use T&A systems to enabel employers to engage with them. So, whether you are living it up in Dubai or you’re running a conference in a different city, Biopanel makes it easier to remotely engage and communicate with your employees. This is all through the Biopanel Dashboard available for clients to use which conveniently links straight to the Biopanel terminals. For more on this click here.

logistic worker

The media messages can be displayed in many different ways in order to fit to your type of business. For example, Logisitic and warehousing companies that maintain 200+ employees have the ability to track the time and attendance of employees who work flexible patterns (possibly in different locations), whilst engaging with the whole workforce on a daily basis. Biopanel allow messages such as ‘Are you available for overtime next week?’ or present health and safety notices and updates for warehouse staff. The data from responses is then gathered into the dashboard for you to utilise however you wish.

Our case studys can show you examples of how effective the Biopanel media message service has benefitted some of our clients. This is a case study based on one of our loyal warehouse/logistics organisations and the affect communication through the Biopanel helped them to pin point the problems to why employee engagement was low;

Biopanel case study

We are passionate about communication and employee engagement within businesses and think it’s vital to workforce management. If there’s a question, Biopanel has the answer. As a T&A system, the Biopanel allows you to gain feedback based on the performance of the business or running of the business from the Employees perspective, which as we understand is hard to do face to face.

Let’s have a look at some workforce management and employee engagement statistics from 2018;
-66% of businesses struggle to actively communication between departments and employees.
-Only 68% of logistic employees are engaged in the workplace
-Happy employees are 12% more productive
-65% of employees said they wanted more feedback

For more engagement statistics click here.

Biopanel can provide your business with many benefits including employee engagement. It’s ability to be controlled and managed from any given location or device helps you to stop worrying about not being able to connect with employees. With the Biopanels Biometric unique technology, you’re only the touch of a finger away. Go on then, book your demo today or get in contact with our friendly support team today at info@biopanelsystems.co.uk or call -0844 847 5121.


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