How to effectively motivate and engage your warehouse employees

If your employees are effectively engaged within the warehouse environment you could see a 48% decrease in safety incidents. Motivating your warehouse employees and ensuring employee engagement is high has many other benefits such as; 22% increase in profitability, increase the happiness of employees, reduce workplace accidents and essentially increase productivity meaning there is 100% efficiency from your employees.

Here are a few ways to increase employee engagement and effectively motivate your warehouse employees;


  1. Conduct weekly meetings

Weekly meetings either as a team or an individual can help to air any misunderstandings, problems, disapprovals or issues that you or they may have in the workplace. This enables them to feel they can trust and talk about any issues in confidence. In turn, this should effectively create a happier workplace, along with more engaged employees as they are able to raise any issues within meetings in order to get things off their chest. In a recent survey, 72% of respondents in manufacturing believe employees need to feel more engaged in the business, preferably with more up-to-date working environments. E.g. Google head office provides a fun and relaxed working environment to increase retention rates in employees as they are engaged and happy within the workplace. Also, it is seen to be ‘empowering’ to the employee if you provide them with your trust by giving them responsibility within the workplace.


2.  Team Building

Staff nights out are always fun for everyone. It encourages new relationships within the business as communication is promoted in an relaxed/non-professional environments. This can simply be a trip to the local bar after work or going all out for a weekend away with the team. This allows as many workers as possible to have a good work-life balance, as we all know shift work can be difficult.


3. Creating a good work-life balance for shift workers

It’s difficult for shift workers to always see their family due to constant changing work times (eg nights/weekends). Help your staff out by organising family events, like mini festivals or funfair family events that are simple to organise.


4. Positive Feedback

In any role, t’s important to acknowledge and celebrate when someone has performed well. This is an excellent way to motivate warehouse logistics staff and let them know that their achievements have not gone unnoticed. Also, prizes always go down well with employees.

5. Health and wellbeing

A warehouse can be a physically demanding environment, with heavy lifting and physical work often making up much of the logistics worker’s day. So employee health and wellbeing is a high priority as it has a direct effect on performance and productivity. Offering extra break time can be essential to ensuring that the employees are not overworked or overtired, reducing the amount of injuries in the workplace. This could also be achieved with regular health and safety training. This will mean your employees are constantly engaged in their work, to avoid mistakes and ensure fulfilment of the roles they hold.


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