How To Effectively Increase Employee Motivation - Research shows that 52% Of employees are not engaged and perform their jobs with no passion.

Motivation is a key factor to ensuring the success of both business and employees. Motivation can help boost employees engagement, productivity and innovation, this all works in a constant cycle. The employees that are motivated are very valuable to any business as they put the most into their work and it shows in what they produce.

Here are a few ways to motivate your employees;

1. Setting new goals for your employees to complete as a team

People in general enjoy being able to see improvements and success as it maintains a feel good factor. By setting up targets for your team can encourage new learning and help to build relationships in the work place. It was shown from recent research that 25% of employees preferred a clear set of objectives and 14% appreciate regular feedback on their job performance.

2. Recognise success, however big or small.

Recognition of someone doing a good job can significantly increase employee motivation as they begin to feel appreciated within the work place. Either write it on the white board or simply give each other a well done. Statistics show that 39% of workers do not feel appreciated at work and 77% said they would work harder if their efforts were better recognised. So, give your employees a pat on the back every now and again.


3. Encourage friendships

There is nothing more demotivating than having no one to talk to or get along with in the workplace. Creating team building activities or having group lunch breaks can go a long way to increase the motivation of employees. Overall, 25% of employees prefer a clear set of objectives and a 10% of employees wanted a better work relationship with their co-workers.

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