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The state of the art biometric technology

Take a closer look at the Biopanel time and attendance system

How Does A Fingerprint Scanner Work — The Application Of Biometrics

These sensors are the most widely used application of Biometrics in which human characteristics — known as Biometric Identifiers — are analysed for identification of an individual and access control purposes.

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21 Most ridiculous late-for-work excuses you’ve ever heard

Being late to work costs the economy an estimated £9 billion every year, so it’s no joke. But having said that, there is a funny side to being late, and that is that quite a few people often come up with downright ridiculous (and sometimes hilarious) excuses for being so. Of course it’s rarely amusing at the time, but in retrospect, it usually is.

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10 Most farcical reasons for not attending a job interview

Sometimes, people make a real hash out of explaining why they can’t attend a job interview. And it is just plain embarrassing. To make sure you don’t make the same mistake, here are the 10 most farcical reasons for not attending a job interview – as revealed by employers.

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21 of the most ridiculous late-for-work excuses you’ve ever heard! #recruitment #work #humour

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