Using Biopanel modules to help boost utilisation, cost-efficiency and organisation.

Biopanel has a range of functions including the following; time and attendance, employee communications, planning and scheduling and HR compliance. All these functions help contribute to saving a business time and money.

The Biopanel, as well as being a T&A system, can also be used to target employee engagement. This utilises the requirement to clock in and out of work every day as an opportunity to engage with your workforce. This can work well with large workforces who work shifts, as managers don’t often get to communicate or engage with employees all the time. Furthermore, the time spent manually organising paper based time sheets is very time consuming for staff when realistically a Biometric time and attendance system could do it for you. This effectively utilises the time of your HR department, allowing to concentrate on more important tasks.

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Biopanel has many cost saving modules, as unlike any other T&A systems it can provide you with the ability to schedule, collect employee data, time tracking, employee engagement and organisation to link with HR systems. Within Biopanel add-ons, Holiday functions so employees can book holidays or days off through the Biopanel, which can be approved using the Biopanel dashboard. This saves your business time and money. Check out our cost saving example to see the benefits;

The Biopanel management Dashboard and online portal allows users to access and store information which can be easily controlled in a simple interface. The software accessed online is then instantly transferred to the Biopanel terminals which allows users to act in real time. In order to extract the information from the Biopanel reports, the format has been left open with the intention to integrate via API with an existing workforce management software depending on our clients requirements. The use of planning and scheduling through the Biopanel allows users to plan up to any point in the future while maintaining the flexibility to make changes quickly if required. This frees up time and allows for organisation as everything can be prepared in advance. The Biopanel reduces daily/weekly workload and also highlights issues like employee absences and problems with worked hours. Biopanel T&A systems can help with human resources, compliance, staff engagement and much more.


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