We create more rewarding working practices with smarter business interactions.

Executive Summary

With leading front-end design Biopanel allows you to take control of large workforces. Based initially on managing time and attendance, Biopanel has evolved to effectively communicate with employees using a back office central management system. Our brand of workforce management software solutions helps organisations to achieve their business goals.

It’s all run on our super smart infrastructure and software. We take care of migrating your data and continually advance software to keep your business one step ahead of your competitors.

Our technology opens doors: to efficient working methods, better communication and much more besides. To our audience, the benefits can be distilled into the way it treats each user uniquely. Every interaction translates into better data for the owner, and a better experience for the user.

Time for everyone

Biopanel isn't just another clock-watching tool. Everything from simple clocking in to workforce management software is designed to enhance efficiency and give people more time. But this efficiency has a personal touch. There's always time to give staff information and support with Biopanel.

A sense for business

Biopanel is more than a fingerprint clocking in system. It works for businesses on every level. With the add-ons in compliance, human resources and management technology, it makes business sense, and gives employers a sense of the wants and needs of their people.

A world in touch

Biopanel connects your workforce. Keeps them in touch with the issues and news they need to hear. It's a tool that unites people with a simple touch. As modules are adds on, it provides a world of benefits for your business.

Productivity at your fingertips

The system gives employees and employers the power to be more productive. It's ease-of-use saves time every day. Productivity comes easy with a quick, effective communication system that grows into a total workforce management solution.

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