Modular Workforce Management

A biometric time and attendance system with a tailored suite of workforce management tools. Simply choose the Biopanel modules you need and connect your people and processes like never before. It’s scalable and customised workforce management that aligns with your business needs.

Clock into a world of communication

Our biometric time and attendance system is the foundation of a more efficient workforce. It collects data and gives people business-critical information. But the story doesn't end there!

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The Modules – as scalable as your business

With a foundation of biometric data and communication, you can add Workforce Management Modules as and when your business needs. Build a unique business experience.

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Sales and Marketing

Streamline all your internal and external communications.

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Planning and Scheduling

A built-in pay and charge system ensures correct rates.

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Employment legislation, standards bodies and industry specific groups.

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Consolidate your processes, connect with your people and increase transparency.

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From payroll to pensions, a total finance solution streamlines every aspect of your business.

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Configure your workforce management solution

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How much can you save with our solutions?

Using our calculator will help you identify the potential cost savings used when installing and utilising our modular workforce management solution

Installing Biopanel could save you:

Savings per week: £

Savings per year: £

Biopanel will reduce overpayment

Hours gained weekly:

Savings per week: £

Human error

Rate of human error per week: 0.5%

Savings per week: £

Administration Costs

Calculation and entry (hours):

Savings per week: £


If employees are aware that their attendance is being recorded and monitored is more likely to improve, even by a small percentage but that can still lead to cost savings and a reduction in overpayment.

Using a traditional clocking in system has the potential to lead to errors, its basic human error but using a Biopanel can reduce these errors and ultimately lead to cost savings along the way.

It's been known to take several minutes to calculate a timesheet, and then even more time entering details in to a payroll system. Assuming it takes up to 5 minutes per timesheet for calculation and data entry, it’s clear it will take up a considerable amount of time for managers. Using a Biopanel could eradicate this and save your organising hundreds of pounds per week.

A member of the team will be in touch about workforce management and to discuss your requirements further.

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