Finance Module

From payroll to pensions, a total finance solution streamlines every aspect of your business.

Executive Summary

Finance effects everybody from contract staff to CFOs. So businesses need one system that holds all the information and gives everyone appropriate access to it. For staff on the ground, the Biopanel Finance Module means payslips broken down by the hour and instantly answered pay-queries. For finance professionals, it means complete integration of systems - from payroll to invoicing - making your work quicker and easier.

This is a finance solution for the real world of work - where people can be paid three different hourly rates in one day. A world that plans ahead, knowing exactly how many hours are needed from every type of worker to run at peak efficiency. A world where calculations and profitability reports are instant and spreadsheets don’t slow you down.

With the Biopanel Finance Module linked to our biometric time and attendance, businesses get complete control of workforce finances.

Instant Reporting

Real-time calculations and profitability reporting

Software and analysis

Increase and monitor worker productivity

Complete integration

Payroll and invoicing integration

Payslip breakdown

Automated payslips with hourly rates breakdown

Finance Module


The features of this module outline its characteristics and capabilities, ultimately defining the benefits, giving you a true reflection of what this module can accomplish.

Zero time-wastage

Efficient workforce deployment

Financial visibility

Complete control of workforce finances

Complete Customisation

Payslips and invoices can all be customised and distributed via email

A happier workforce

Identify payroll & invoicing issues prior to running the invoices & payroll


Migrating to Biopanel’s Modular Workforce Management is easy. Simply choose the right workforce management solutions for your business and we take care of the rest. A dedicated project manager and implementation team will make sure all your old information is integrated into our new systems.

Then we can run your new workforce management solution in parallel to your old processes – only completing migration when everything is running perfectly.


We understand that your business critical data is essential to your business operations. We provide the levels of governance and compliance with secure website hosting and encrypted data storage.

All of our servers are hosted in Tier 1 data centres with ISO 27001 security accreditation.


With a cast-iron Service Level Agreement, we ensure the highest levels of uptime. Your dedicated project manager ensures smooth operations between from initial customer contact and on going 1st line support.

For additional support, our helpdesk is at hand during business hours. 

Our Modules

With a foundation of biometric data and communication, you can add Workforce Management Modules as and when your business needs. Build a unique business experience using these modules.

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Employment legislation, standards bodies and industry specific groups.

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