How a Biopanel Time & Attendance System can Improve Productivity

Any prosperous business will recognise the importance of productivity in the workplace. In addition to increasing employee capacity and enhancing daily operations, a productive workplace can also lead to greater customer satisfaction and increased profits.

More often than not, a productive workplace will come about from happy and healthy members of staff. After all, people are the lifeblood of nearly every organisation and will usually be the difference between success and failure.

In order to promote productivity among the workforce, a business may decide to introduce incentives for hard working or well performing personnel. They may also provide nutritious meals or give staff plenty of breaks to increase alertness and reduce tiredness.

However, there are a number of other ways you can encourage productivity, such as introducing a time and attendance system from Biopanel, which uses the latest smart technology and state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint clocking. But what are some of the productivity benefits you can expect to receive?

Increase efficiency

There are several problems and pitfalls with traditional clocking-in systems. Even though they are simple and cheap to implement, you could easily end up paying more in admin costs and staff wages.

This is because manual clocking-in needs a member of staff to collect the time cards and enter all of this information into a spreadsheet to process pay. If your organisation employs lots of people, this can be quite a time-consuming undertaking. What’s more, it tends to be a rather arduous task for the individual(s), leading to a lack of motivation and interest, which does nothing for productivity levels.

But with an automated system, which identifies employees through their fingerprints, all of these issues can be avoided. Information will be automatically transferred to a computer for processing, which eliminates the need for dedicated workers. Consequently, the business can allocate saved staff hours elsewhere and thus increase efficiency.

Prevents buddy punching and time theft

Another drawback with manual clocking-in systems is that some employees may fake their attendance. If your business pays members of staff by the hour, there is a danger that employees will ask a colleague to punch their card for them to receive more money.

Although this might not be a large amount, it will undoubtedly add up over time and could cost the business in the long run. On top of that, it isn’t fair on honest employees that work hard for their pay packet.

But with a biometric fingerprint clocking-in machine, there is no risk of buddy punching or time theft. Employees will have no choice but to clock themselves in with their own finger. Therefore, greater productivity at work will come about, as fraudulent staff won’t be able to fool their managers.

Set targets

Some organisations will like the simple and straightforward nature of a manual clocking-in machine. However, they only serve one purpose and aren’t exactly very ‘modern’.

But with a Biopanel time and attendance system, your staff will be able to interact with a piece of smart technology that is capable of performing various tasks. For example, the system’s media touch screen enables senior staff to inform employees of their daily goals as soon as they clock in.

Targets have been proven to increase productivity in the workplace, as staff will want to challenge themselves and work towards achieving the organisation’s overall objectives. There is also no need for managers to waste time and distract employees, as targets can be defined from their office using the Biopanel software rather than in the workplace.

Offer incentives

As mentioned earlier, a happy workplace is a productive one and to boost morale among your staff, consider offering them some incentives. This can also be done through a Biopanel time and attendance system.

When employees check in, give them a reason to work harder that day/week or promise to reward staff with something if they meet their targets. You could say something like “meet your goals today and you can leave 30 minutes early.”

According to research, companies using incentive programs reported a 79 per cent success rate in achieving their established goals when the correct rewards were offered.

Ask for feedback

Owing to the interactive nature of Biopanel’s touch screen time and attendance system, you can build a stronger relationship with staff by asking them for feedback on the problems they are facing. You may also want to ask whether they have any ideas on how to improve daily operations or procedures.

In several workplaces, it is easy for employees to feel a little disengaged or distant from senior staff. Unfortunately, this can have an adverse affect on motivation, concentration, and productivity levels.

But with Biopanel’s system, managers can feel connected to every member of staff and as a result, establish a more efficient workplace. In fact, companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202 per cent.

Performance updates

Using the Biopanel screen, managers can display employee performance metrics from the previous day, week, or month when they clock in. This unique and individual feedback will help employees keep on performing or work a bit harder if they are below acceptable standards.

Seeing as you can display anything you want on the Biopanel screen, these performance metrics can be followed up with messages of praise or encouragement for each and every employee.

Because research has revealed that every employee spends roughly 75 minutes per day on their computer performing non-work related activities, an insight into performance could reduce this figure and therefore increase productivity.

Offer overtime

With more accurate and immediate information about how many hours your employees are working, you will be able to offer staff overtime when they clock in.

This is also possible because previous personnel required to track and manage manual clocking in are no longer needed.

Although a lot will depend on your organisation’s industry or sector, overtime can be used to increase production, dedicate greater staff to the customer or complete more tasks during the day.

However, this can be a curse as much as a blessing, as working more than 50 hours a week could make your employees less productive.


It is clear to see the potential increase in workforce productivity that a Biopanel time and attendance system can bring to your business. Although all automated systems can increase efficiency and prevent buddy punching or time theft, there are various unique advantages that only a Biopanel system can achieve.

These include:

  • Setting targets remotely to avoid distractions
  • Providing incentives to boost morale
  • Asking for feedback to increase engagement
  • Supplying performance updates to encourage hard work
  • Offering overtime to increase production.

An increase in attrition at a National logistics client concerned management greatly.

With the ability to implement direct engagement utilising Biopanel across the remaining workforce within 20 minutes of notification of the issue, key data was gathered surrounding the reasons for the spike in attrition. The data gathered revealed concerns amongst the incumbent workforce surrounding rates of pay.

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